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Sigma Pi Phi, Delta Epsilon Boule is a fraternity of like-minded, accomplished men of various backgrounds focused on a singular set of life directing commitments. When you are invited to associate with the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Delta Epsilon Boule, you’re not just making new friendships, you’re becoming a part of a brotherhood.  Because of this bond, connections are made for a lifetime. We took an oath that made us brothers which we pledge to stay true to and uplift one another.  The Delta Epsilon brotherhood is a sacred privilege united for a common cause to instill loyalty and dependability, as well as, to encourage and edify.  We are dedicated to strengthening our future while honoring our history. 

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”  -Archon Martin Luther King, Jr.

Current officers

Sire Archon

Archon Aaron Davis

Sire Archon Elect

Archon Randall Nixon


Archon Ronald Ward


Archon Carl Gibbs


Archon Rafiq Baker


Lloyd Freeman - Social Action Chair


The Delta Epsilon Boulé Social Action Initiative is a multi-faceted program consisting of mentoring and scholarships for youth. Through social action, our Delta Epsilon Male Outreach ("DEMO") Program seeks to provide direct mentoring and skill building to teenage males. Primarily, the program seeks to encourage young men to attend college and pursue professional degrees. This is achieved through a series of enrichment activities, social events, college visits, individual mentoring sessions and workshops. Most notably, Delta Epsilon launched a real-life Shark Tank simulation to encourage entrepreneurship as a career option.

Delta Epsilon Welcomes New Officers

We are excited to install our new officers for the 2022-2024 Biennium.  Our Officers are:

Sire Archon Aaron Davis

Sire Archon Elect Randall Nixon

Grammateus Archon Ronald Ward

Thesauristes Archon Carl Gibbs

Agogos Archon Barrett Wood

Grapter Archon Rafiq Baker

Membership Council:  Chairman Archon Lemuel Clark

Membership Council Archons Cleosie Kirkland and Ronald Bacon

Regional Social Action Chair: Archon Lloyd Freeman

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